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Red Onion Shampoo

Rs. 189.00

Product Description -  Red Onion Shampoo is best for hair growth. It increases blood circulation to hair follicles and provides nourishment to the scalp. It penetrates deep to strengthen the roots. The result of which is reduced hair loss. Benefits - For Hairfall Controll. Repair Damaged Hair. Prevents thinning of hair. Prevents breakage and hair thinning. Promotes hair growth. Nourishes...

Pure Onion Hair Oil

Rs. 299.00

Product Description -  Onion hair oil minimizes breakage and thinning due to its rich sulfur content. This oil also fights dandruff, promotes hair growth, increases strength and volume, and protects against greying hair. Benefits -  Prevents Hair Breakage. Nourishes Hair & Scalp.   Key Ingredient -  ONIONOnion juice can provide extra sulfur to support strong and thick hair, thus preventing...