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Pure Natural Aloe Vera Gel for Skin

Rs. 249.00

Product Description -  This is a pure all-purpose Aloe Vera Gel that soothes the skin. It is a natural skin toner and moisturiser. It also acts as an anti-rash skin gel. It can be used post-waxing to cool down the skin and shrink the pores. It treats acne and removes tan. It helps your skin to heal and rejuvenate naturally....

After Sun Mint Aloe Vera Gel

Rs. 199.00

Product Description -  After Sun Aloe vera Gel is a herbal gel known to provide a cooling and hydrating effect. It is especially used after going out in the sun when the skin becomes dry and hot. It moisturises and tightens skin thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines while providing a cooling effect. Benefits -  It is a herbal gel that...

Herbal After Sun Aloe Vera Gel

Rs. 199.00

Product Description -  After Sun Mint Aloe Vera Gel has Mint Extract and Aloe Vera Juice, which are natural ingredients. These remove pollutants, reduce blemishes, and have anti-aging properties. Benefits -  Anti-Inflammatory Properties Heal Wounds Reduce Acne Key Ingredient -  ALOE VERA Aloe Vera helps to soothe the skin. An abundant antioxidant aids in moisturizing and repairing skin. It also...