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Herbal Sandal Face Pack

Rs. 249.00

Product Description -  Blueberry & Tea Tree Oil SLS FREE Shampoo helps unclog hair follicles and nourish your roots. The continuous usage of the same will result in beautiful, lush and beautifully textured hair. Benefits -  Prevents acne and Pimple Removes Sun Tan Key Ingredient -  SANDALWOODSandalwood has antibacterial properties, it helps in fighting the acne-causing bacteria, exfoliates the skin,...

Herbal Aloe Vera Face Pack

Rs. 249.00

Product Description -  Aloe Vera Face Pack consists of some useful compounds that may benefit your skin by lowering your risk of wrinkles and sunburn. Thus, working on the most impacted region and helping the skin to heal by time and regular application. Benefits -  Soothes The Skin   Prevents Acne And Pimple   Key Ingredient -  ALOE VERAAloe Vera...

Herbal Neem and Tea Tree Soap

Rs. 99.00

Product Description -   Anti-bacterial Soap helps to tone the skin and also relieves the skin blemishes, pimples and acne. Neem and Basil Extract helps you with your itching problem. Benefits -  Prevents Pimples Get Rid of Blemishes and Itching Provides Even Skin Tone Key Ingredient -  NEEM Neem contains the necessary fatty acids, which also promote wound healing and make...