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Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil

Rs. 236.00

Product Description -  Hair Oil (Mineral-Oil Free) is based on Indian Ayurveda and contains ancient 18 herbs. Supports hair health completely by nourishing from roots to the tips. It relaxes scalp and helps in preventing dandruff, lice and other infections. Benefits -  Promotes Hair Growth Moisturises The Scalp Reduces Dandruff How to Apply -  Take 5-10 ml of the oil...

Herbal Anti Ageing Cream

Rs. 299.00

Product Description -  Anti-ageing Cream makes you look younger and reduces your wrinkles. It also makes your skin lighter and brighter on a daily basis. This also reduces the fine lines, that helps to decrease the speed of getting older. Benefits -  Fights Blemishes   Acne & Blackheads   Prevents Wrinkles   Key Ingredient -  ALMONDAlmonds are rich with fatty...